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Joint Project Team Statement from DFI, AECOM and SWS JV

Joint Project Team Statement from DFI, AECOM and SWS JV

Given the current situation around Covid 19, we’d like to clarify that construction of the A6 Dungiven to Drumahoe Dualling project will continue.

As the health & safety of personnel and the public is our number one priority, the A6 project team continue to monitor Government advice and have put in place mitigation to safeguard all personnel.

As such, no face to face landowner meetings will be arranged unless absolutely necessary.  If one is required, you’ll initially be contacted by telephone. As usual if you wish to contact the project team please ring us on 0800 048 2906 or email us at info@a6d2d.com

Traffic Management Update March 2020

Traffic Management Update March 2020

Tirbracken Road will close between the junction of Gortica and Lismacarol Road on Friday 13th March at 1900hrs to Monday 16th March 2020 at 0600hrs.

During the closure a signed diversion will be in place via Tamnaherin Road and the A6 Glenshane Road for road users. Local access will be maintained to both ends of the closure.

The work planned over this weekend involves installation of a sewer connection which requires deep excavation activities 2.5m deep underground. The sewer pipes we are installing are 300m in diameter.

Please click on the below link for details on the diversion.

Tirbracken Road Diversion Map

Progress Update March 2020

Progress Update March 2020

Structure 1 – Beam to be installed early March 2020

Structure 5- Piling installed and pouring concrete base early March 2020

Structure 8- Concrete base and abutment on the south side and excavation for centre pier

Structure 9- Commencing concrete base

Structure 11- Pour diaphragm to deck level

Please follow below link to timelapse video.

Gortilea Road Beam Installation Timelapse Video

Structure 16- Install pre-cast units and start wingwalls

Structure 18– Pour both abutments and centre pier

Structure 19- Pour diaphragm to deck level

Structure 21- Complete piles on east abutment

Structure 22- Install beams end of March 2020

Progress Update February 2020

Progress Update February 2020

Earthwork operations are continuing at Tirbracken Road for the preparation of construction work for the new Park and Ride facilities. Cut and fill operations are also underway at Every Road, Burntollet (Zone B) Brackfield (Zone B) Claudy junction (Zone C) Feeny and Teeavan Road (Zone F).

Mainline drainage continues at Killaloo (Zone B) Crock Na Brock and Derrychrier (Zone E) and side road drainage is complete at Fawney link road (Zone A) along with band drainage preparation ongoing at Ballyhanedin (Zone D).

Landscaping commencing hedgerow site wide and tree planting for bat hop overs at Derrychrier (Zone E) and Brackfield (Zone B).

Side road utilities are ongoing at Tirbracken (Zone A) and Teeavan Road (Zone F) and culvert are ongoing near Glenshane B74 and A6 Foreglen road.

Structure 1- McCay’s Overbridge

Beams to be installed early March 2020

Structure 5-Burntollet Bridge

Piling work ongoing

Structure 8- Killaloo Overbridge

Placement of shutters and pouring concrete in March 2020

Structure 9- Claudy Underbridge

Placement of shutters on the west abutment to commence early March 2020

Structure 10- Paul Ward Underpass

Backing filling ongoing and construction underway

Structure 11- Gortilea Road Overbridge

Beams were also successfully installed at Gortilea Overbridge at the end of February 2020.

Structure 13- Munreery Road Overbridge

Excavation ongoing with reinforced concrete works to follow

Structure 16- Derrychrier Road Underbridge

Precast units to be installed end of February 2020

Structure 18- Feeny Road Overbridge

Tieing of rebar prior to pouring concrete

Structure 19 -Owenrigh River Bridge

At Owenrigh river near Magheramore Road there were 8 beams in total installed for the foundations of the new bridge, these beams are the largest beams to be installed on the project to date, weighing 135 tonnes each. The beams were connected to the abutments with reinforced concrete works. Please follow below link to timelapse video.

Magheramore Road Bridge Timelapse Video

Progress Update January 2020

Progress Update January 2020

Zone A- Asbestos pipe removal at Tamnaherin                     

Zone D – Preparing area for Verical Drainage East of Gortilea

Zone A- Fawney Link Road Drainage 

Zone F- Mainline Drainage at Feeny Road

Zone B- Mainline Drainage at Killaoo

Zone D- Pc 51 Backdrop chambers West of Gortilea

Zone D- PC73 Dig and replace activities West of Ballynahedin

Structure 11- South Abutment pour concrete at Gortilea Road Overbridge 

Structure 11- Plan on intermediate crosshead



Traffic Management Update February 2020

Traffic Management Update February 2020

There are temporary traffic lights set up Monday to Friday 07:00 to 18:00 in the following locations:

  • Feeny Road
  • A6 Mainline (near Gulf Rd)
  • Ballyhanedin Road
  • Ervey Road

There are several hard shoulder closures throughout the scheme which are in the following places:

  • A6 Mainline, West bound and Eastbound, from Foreglen Road to Gulf Road
  • Closure of climbing lane from Ballyhanedin Road to Muldonagh Road
  • Closure of Lane one of climbing lane from Ardmore Road to the Foreglen Road
  • Closure of Lane two of climbing lane from Ardmore Road to the Mavis Road