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The construction team have spent the last few months focusing on facilitation works which involve environmental surveys, locating essential utility supplies, earthworks, site clearance and the construction of site access roads and fencing


Site clearance is an important part of the preparation works to ensure the construction phase can run to schedule, however, in order to minimise to effect on the environment and local communities, our priority has been focused on the environmental surveys that are conducted to protect the wildlife and minimise any effects on their surrounding habitat.


As part of the pre-construction works site fencing has progressed considerably, particularly on both sides of Feeny Road and at Derrychrier to allow construction works to begin on accommodation lanes for landowners. 


Earthwork activities are continuing behind Foreglen and working westerly. Areas such as Feeny Road have also seen increased activity in earthworks in preparation for the installation of the temporary bailey bridges over the Owenbeg and Owenrigh Rivers.


Other works progressing include construction of culverts at Drumahoe and Foreglen, enabling a number of water courses to be safely diverted away from the new road.

Site clearance has also been undertaken to make way for the works, which will be replaced as part of the landscaping at the completion of the scheme.