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Gortilea Road (South) Closure

Gortilea Road (South) closure from 25th March for approx 15 months. This traffic management is required to facilate the excavation and replacement of material under the foorprint of the existing road.  This will provide a sutiable foundation to construct the new S11...

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Latest News

Progress Update August 2019

The summer has seen a significant increase in the level of construction activity throughout the whole Scheme.  Its visible as you drive along the A6 that number of areas have opened up and works are progressing at a steady pace.  Cut and fill operations are ongoing...

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Traffic Management News June 2019

Baranailt Rd (North) closed from 17th June for approx. 4 months This closure is required to allow the construction of the new Baranailt Road North alignment and the south bound connector from Baranailt Road north onto the A6. These works will take approximately 4...

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Progress Update May 2019

  As the summer months approach, the level of construction activity will significantly increase throughout the Scheme. Site clearance is now complete for the season and fencing has been erected site wide to secure boundaries to all active work fronts allowing the...

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