Progress Update April 2020

Apr 18, 2020 | News

Structure 1: Pouring diaphragm and decks
Structure 5: Completing temporary works for slope stability and to start abutments
Structure 7: Piling of both abutments are complete, pouring bases and start abutments
Structure 8: Commencing with South abutment works
Structure 9: Installing beams in the next month
Structure 10: Applying waterproofing and completing backfill
Structure 11: Pour both deck and wingwalls
Structure 16: Installation of North and South Wingwall bases
Structure 18: Preparation for beam installation in the next month
Structure 19: Pour second diaphragms and portion of bridge deck in the next month
Structure 21: Complete piles on West central pier
Structure 22: Commence diaphragm and deck steel