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The summer has seen a significant increase in the level of construction activity throughout the whole Scheme.  Its visible as you drive along the A6 that number of areas have opened up and works are progressing at a steady pace. 

Cut and fill operations are ongoing between Ballyhanedin and Crock Na Brock (Zone D) Ovil Hill (Zone E) Magheramore Road (Zone F) Ervey link road and Killaloo Junction (Zone B) in preparation for fill and embankment works which have now started at Derrychrier (Zone E)

Further side road utility service diversions and drainage is ongoing at Baranailt road north (Zone C) to assist in the construction of the new Baranailt Road North alignment and new connection under the A6.

Culverts have been installed between Feeny Road and Claudy and between Claudy and Fawney and flood culverts have been installed at Owenrigh river.

Further works are underway across the scheme, with the construction of access tracks on-going in various areas between Feeny Road and Claudy.


                                               Gulf Road

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Altagarron Road Mammal Underpass Installation


                                Derrychrier Bailey Bridge                            


                       Pipe Welding Drumahoe Park and Ride                                     

                                                                                                                                      Claudy Junction                         

                                                                                                                                      S14 Altagarron Road                            

                                                                                                                                          S01 Excavation


                                                   Ervey Road


                               Burntollet Bridge Demolition      


S01 Lismacarol Road Accommodation Overbridge  

Excavation completed and construction underway.

S05 Burntollet Bridge

Existing stone arch at Burntollet Bridge was demolished at the end of July 2019.

S05 Ardmore Road Bridge

Preliminary piling installation and testing were completed early July 2019

S09 Claudy Underbridge

Temporary road diversion has been constructed and new temporary traffic arrangements implemented in August 2019 allowing works to commence on the underpass structure.

S10 Underpass (between Claudy and Gortilea)

Completed and works to the carriageway over the structure will commence shortly.

S11 Gortilea Road

Excavation, piling and construction continues in August 2019

S12 Ballyhanedin Road

Preliminary piling installation and testing has been completed. 

S13 Munreery Road Overbridge

Bulk excavations are ongoing to enable construction of the structure.

S14 Altagarran Road Underbridge

is structural complete and being backfilled to allow the mainline to cross over the structure. In-situ concrete works on the retaining walls are ongoing

S17 Owenbeg River Bridge

Preliminary piling installation has been completed.

S18 Feeny Road

Preliminary piling installation and testing was completed early July 2019.

S19 Owenrigh River Bridge

Bulk excavations are ongoing to enable construction of the structure