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Significant progress continues on the A6 Dungiven to Drumahoe Dualling Scheme. The construction work is progressing and changing all the time and it is becoming more visible to the public each day.

Cut and fill operations are ongoing at Gulf Road (Zone B) Burntollet (ZoneB) and Ballyhanedin (Zone D) where dig and replace activities are also underway. Band drains have been installed at two locations on the scheme at Ballynahedin (Zone D) and Tamnaherin (Zone A).

Further side road utilities service is ongoing at Tirbracken, Tamnaherin (Zone A) Feeny and Magheramore road (Zone F).

Culverts are ongoing at Drumahoe (off-line section) and Crock Na Brock and flood culverts installed at Owenrigh river.

Temporary diversion roads are now open to live traffic on the scheme at Tamnaherin, Magheramore and Feeny Road and the construction of side road and access track drainage are ongoing at Bleachgreen, Gulf Road and Munreery.

In total there are 22 structures across the scheme but currently we are working on the following structures.

Structure 01 Lismacarol Road Accommodation Overbridge

Super structure is ongoing and beams to be installed January 2020

Structure 07 Ardmore Road Underbridge

Piling is ongoing

Structure 08 Killaloo Overbridge

Excavation completed and construction underway

Structure 09 Claudy Underbridge

Foundation complete and super structure ongoing

Structure 10 Paul Ward Underpass

Structure complete and backfilling ongoing

Structure 11 Gortilea Road Overbridge

Excavation complete and construction underway

Structure 12 Ballyhanedin Road Overbridge

Piling is ongoing

Structure 14 Altagaaron Road Underbridge

Structure complete and backfilling almost complete

Structure 16 Derrychrier Road Underbridge

Excavation complete and backfilling ongoing, pre-cast units to start end of January 2020

Structure 18 Feeny Road Overbridge

Piling is ongoing

Structure 19 Owenrigh River Bridge

Ongoing concrete works and pre-cast beams to be place at the end of January 2020

Structure 21 River Roe Bridge

Preliminary Piling installed and testing to be completed

Structure 22 Priory Lane Overbridge

Concrete works are ongoing

Structure 14- Altagarron Road Underbridge

 Dig and replace activties at Gortilea Road, Embankment 11

 Flood Culvert Feeny Road

 Structure 11- Piling works


 Structure 19 Concrete East Abutment bases 


 PC48 Box Culvert Installation


 Structure 01- McCay’s Overbridge

 Structure 09 Concrete East Abutment


 Culvert West of Crock Na Brock


 Vertical Drainage Preparation at Tamnaherin Junction