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Earthwork operations are continuing at Tirbracken Road for the preparation of construction work for the new Park and Ride facilities. Cut and fill operations are also underway at Every Road, Burntollet (Zone B) Brackfield (Zone B) Claudy junction (Zone C) Feeny and Teeavan Road (Zone F).

Mainline drainage continues at Killaloo (Zone B) Crock Na Brock and Derrychrier (Zone E) and side road drainage is complete at Fawney link road (Zone A) along with band drainage preparation ongoing at Ballyhanedin (Zone D).

Landscaping commencing hedgerow site wide and tree planting for bat hop overs at Derrychrier (Zone E) and Brackfield (Zone B).

Side road utilities are ongoing at Tirbracken (Zone A) and Teeavan Road (Zone F) and culvert are ongoing near Glenshane B74 and A6 Foreglen road.

Structure 1- McCay’s Overbridge

Beams to be installed early March 2020

Structure 5-Burntollet Bridge

Piling work ongoing

Structure 8- Killaloo Overbridge

Placement of shutters and pouring concrete in March 2020

Structure 9- Claudy Underbridge

Placement of shutters on the west abutment to commence early March 2020

Structure 10- Paul Ward Underpass

Backing filling ongoing and construction underway

Structure 11- Gortilea Road Overbridge

Beams were also successfully installed at Gortilea Overbridge at the end of February 2020.

Structure 13- Munreery Road Overbridge

Excavation ongoing with reinforced concrete works to follow

Structure 16- Derrychrier Road Underbridge

Precast units to be installed end of February 2020

Structure 18- Feeny Road Overbridge

Tieing of rebar prior to pouring concrete

Structure 19 -Owenrigh River Bridge

At Owenrigh river near Magheramore Road there were 8 beams in total installed for the foundations of the new bridge, these beams are the largest beams to be installed on the project to date, weighing 135 tonnes each. The beams were connected to the abutments with reinforced concrete works. Please follow below link to timelapse video.

Magheramore Road Bridge Timelapse Video