Progress Update February 2021

Feb 17, 2021 | News

Earthworks cut and fill operations are ongoing at Tamnaherin (Zone A) the Oaks, Brackfield (Zone B) Ovil Hill, Killunaght and Feeny Road (Zone E).

Mainline drainage is ongoing at The Oaks, Brackfield west bound carriageway (Zone B), Claudy (Zone C) and Ballyhanedin (Zone D) and drainage is now complete at priory lane (Zone F). Culvert works are continuing at Killunaght (Zone E) Ballyhanedin (Zone D) and fencing is ongoing at Munreery, Claudy (Zone D) and Ovil Hill (Zone E).

Further works to side roads are underway at Claudy (Baranailt Road South) including the new Park and Ride facilities at Claudy and Drumahoe. Ballyhanedin and Gortilea (Zone D) are currently closed for to allow them to be constructed to their new alignment.

Access tracks are continuing at Derrychrier and excavation and stoning and finishing works are underway at Claudy (Zone C), Feeny road and Killunaght (Zone E). Drainage has also been installed for access tracks at The Oaks and Feeny Road.

Concrete works are underway on access tracks at Derrychrier and excavation and stoning is underway at Claudy, Feeny road and Killunaght road. Pavement works are ongoing both online and off-line areas including Derrychrier, Ovil Hill (Zone E) and Claudy Junction (Zone C).

NIW diversions and new installations at Gulf Road (Zone B) Munreery (Zone D) Killunaght and Feeny road (Zone F) along with a variety of utility diversions to facilitate the construction of the new roundabout in Dungiven (Zone F).

Landscaping is ongoing throughout the site, mostly tree and hedgerow planting. The scheme will see considerable amount of landscaping and planting in the next few months.

There are temporary diversions in place at Tamnaherin, Feeny Road and Magheramore Road.

Structure update

Structure 1


Structure 2

  • North abutment gallery floor and bearing shelf steel tied and shutters ready for concrete
  • South abutment gallery floor and bearing shelf complete
  • North and south intermediate support columns poured

              Structure 3

  • Western abutment piles poured and broken to cut off level
  • Eastern abutment piled walls complete

Structure 4

  • Diaphragms poured and deck ready for concrete pour

            Structure 05A

  • Complete

Structure 05b

  • Commenced excavation of piling platform on both north and south sides.

Structure 07

  • East and West Gallery walls completed and started wingwalls. Installing beams approx. March 2021.

Structure 09

  • Completed waterproofing and commencing with kerbs, concrete, verge, and tarmac.

Structure 10

  • Complete

Structure 11

  • South approach road to be finished and restraining slabs to be poured

Structure 12

  • Bridge beams placed and steel tying ongoing

Structure 13

  • North and south wingwalls to be poured

Structure 14

  • Complete

Structure 15

  • Beam install and deck works commencing

Structure 16

  • Complete

Structure 17

  • West abutment to be poured ready for beam installation approx. March 2021

Structure 18

  • Footpaths to be poured

Structure 19

  • Complete

Structure 20

  • footpaths to be completed

Structure 21

  • Piles complete and east abutment base/stem to start

Structure 22

  • Complete