Progress Update February 2023

Feb 3, 2023 | News





Earthworks finishing works ongoing throughout all zones of the scheme.

Fencing operations are ongoing throughout the site with mainline fencing operations substantially complete, side roads, tracks and accommodation works continue. Fencing Snag works are ongoing.

NIW diversions are all installed and new private installations are ongoing. NIE works are ongoing with major connections imminent.  Openreach diversions are substantially complete.

Pavement works are complete on Mainline.

Side Roads and Access Track base/binder and surface course are substantially complete. Surface Course to Access tracks will be ongoing over the coming months and throughout all zones.

Landscaping activities continue site wide. 

VRS works on the mainline are substantially complete with snagging ongoing. VRS to side roads and access tracks continue through February and March.

Kerbing and footway works are substantially complete on all main junctions with footway surfacing ongoing.

Road marking operations are substantially complete on all carriageways and follow on from final surfacing on remaining carriageways. Public lighting is substantially complete awaiting power connections on one grade separated junctions. Sign erection on all major junctions will remain ongoing for completion early 2023 with side roads to follow.

Further Traffic Management will be required on the mainline with lane switches ongoing for the coming months. Side roads TTM to facilitate finishing works will be ongoing. This will apply to various locations throughout the project.

Ponds, outfall works and mainline drainage are substantially complete. Finishing works and surfacing is ongoing.

In parallel with the mainline and side road finishing works, snagging operations are ongoing across the site. Works to access tracks continue in all Zones.

Accommodation works remain ongoing and will continue in all work zones.

Side road and access track traffic management will be implemented to facilitate power connections and snagging works.

Structure 05A / 05B & 07, Bird Netting works have been completed with Gallery Mesh and doors to be installed over the coming weeks. 

Maintenance access steps works are completed with installation of foundations and handrails ongoing.

Snagging works and formal Acceptance Inspections are ongoing at all Structures.

Pavement works continue to complete side roads, footways, access tracks and access points.

The Road safety Audit process is being reviewed with DFI and AECOM to allow early opening of the mainline by end of April, as advised by DFI, “subject to any unforeseen circumstances”.