Progress Update June 2020

Jun 8, 2020 | News

Cut and fill operations are continuing at various locations across the scheme including Teeavan Road (Zone F) Ballyhaneden (Zone D) Gortilea, Brackfield and Burntollet (Zone B) Claudy Junction (Zone C) and last Drumahoe to Liberty Glen (Zone A).

Access tracks are continuing east of Burntollet (Zone B) Drumahoe (Zone A) Derrychrier (Zone E) along with the access track into The Oaks (Zone B).

The Teeavan side road is now open to traffic and side road drainage is continuing at Altagarron road (Zone E) and Tirbracken Road (Zone A).

At present, a new pathway is being constructed at Drumahoe Park and Ride and pavement works are ongoing in preparation for the opening of this section of the road.

Preparation for temporary diversion is currently underway to safely divert the main A6 traffic onto a new alignment from Ervey Road to Burntollet to facilitate the construction of Structure 04 approx. the end of June 2020.

Mainline drainage is ongoing at Feeny Road, Ovil Hill, (Zone E) CrocknaBrock (Zone E) Ervey Road and Burntollet (Zone B).

Grass seeding is ongoing throughout the scheme including hydro seeding adjacent to water courses and hedro maintenance. Batching plant has also started at Derrychrier (Zone E).


Structure 1 – Restraining slabs and waterproofing the deck

Structure 3 – Piling to commence

Structure 5 – Abutments on-going

Structure 7 – Abutments on-going

Structure 9 – East and West diaphragms to be poured

Structure 10 – Complete

Structure 11 – Backfilling/drainage and waterproofing of deck

Structure 13 – excavation for bases and upfill works

Structure 12- Preparation of North piling platform

Structure 14- Complete

Structure 16- Completion of wingwalls/ Commence structure backfill

Structure 17- Piling east/west abutments

Structure 18- Tying deck steel/ Pour north and south Diaphragm

Structure 19- Complete parapets, wingwalls and retaining slabs/ Commence structure backfill

Structure 20- Complete south abutment/ Placing of beams

Structure 21- Excavation of east central pier/ Tying steel on west abutment and pier

Structure 22- Pour north and south Diaphragm/ Pour deck