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As the summer months approach, the level of construction activity will significantly increase throughout the Scheme.

Site clearance is now complete for the season and fencing has been erected site wide to secure boundaries to all active work fronts allowing the works to progress noticeably each day.

To date approximately 35,000m of fencing has been installed throughout the scheme.

Cut and fill operations are continuing in areas at Drumahoe (Zone A), at Ballynahedin and Foreglen (Zone D), Feeny Road (Zone E/F), Magheramore and Teeavan Road (Zone F) and have moved west of Claudy towards Killaloo (Zone C) in preparation for nearby embankments.  Excavation and replacement of peat area are continuing at Ballyhanedin and Crock Na Brock.


                                                                         Cut operations Teeavan


                                                           Peat Replacement at S12 Ballynahedin


                                                                     Fill operations at Derrychrier


                                                                      Cut operations – Munreery


                                                              Screening operations – Lismacarol 

Temporary bridges have now been installed and are in operation at Foreglen (Zone A), Owenbeg and Owerigh Rivers (Zone E / Zone F)

Culverts have been completed at Killunaught, Crock Na Brock, The Oaks and Fawney link Road and are currently underway at Munreey.


                                                                                 Culvert – The Oaks 


                                                         Culvert operations – box excavation and crane                                                                                                                                     hardstand – Munreery 

Further works are underway across the scheme, with the construction of access tracks on-going in various areas between Ballynahedin and Magheramaore Road.

Progress is being made at the following structures.

S07 Ardmore Bridge

Piling platform for preliminary pile will commence at the start of June 19

S09 Claudy Junction

Temporary road diversion is being constructed and new temporary traffic arrangements will be implemented in June 2019 allowing works to commence on the underpass structure.

S10 Underpass (between Claudy and Gortilea)

All precast units installed, in-situ wingwalls completed, works on northwest retaining wall have commenced and backfilling is due to start in June 19.

S11 Gortilea Road

Enabling works to divert foul sewer diversion and piling platform for south abutment have been completed.

S12 Ballyhanedin Road

Ground replacement for central pier foundation has been completed. Preliminary pile installation is scheduled for June 2019.

S14 Altagarran Road

Installation of precast units have been completed and works on in-situ heel are near completion.

Utilities works have been making progress with BT diversions ongoing from the Belfray to Claudy Junction, Killunaught Road and Altnagarron.  NIE diversions continuing along Gulf Road, Derrychrier Road, the Oaks and Killaloo. NIW permanent works are ongoing at Drumahoe and Killunaght.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           S10 UB Precast Unit 


                                                                S11 – Gortilea OB – piling platform works

Several permanent and temporary diversions for various utilities are being constructed on site to facilitate the earthworks operations. Further diversions are currently being developed with each utility company and are programmed for construction within the coming months.

In addition, watercourses around the scheme are also being monitored to ensure the surrounding works has no effect on the natural streams and waterways.

Camera surveys have been completed at various locations to ensure mitigation measures are being installed and maintained for environmentally sensitive species.

Noise level monitoring and air quality management is taking place throughout the scheme to minimise disruption and inconvenience to residents, businesses and wider local community.


                                                                  Noise Level Monitoring – Derrychrier