Progress Update May 2021

May 26, 2021 | News





Cut and fill operations are ongoing at Tamnaherin (Zone A), The Oaks, Brackfield (Zone B) Ovil Hill, Killunaght, Feeny Road (Zone E) and Ballyhanedin to Claudy (Zone D).

Mainline drainage is ongoing between Gorilea and Claudy (Zone D) Ballyhanedin (Zone D) and Feeny Road (Zone E). Culvert works are continuing at Baranailt Road North (Zone C) and fencing is ongoing at Crock Na Brock, Munreery (Zone D) and Brackfield (Zone B).

Further side roads have commenced at Baranailt Road South (Zone D). Feeny side road (Zone E) tie-in works are now complete and the Magheramore side road (Zone F) tie in works are progressing. Ballyhanedin side road (Zone D) embankment is now complete, and drainage and pavement works will continue the next few weeks.

Gortilea (Zone D) drainage complete and pavement works are ongoing in the next few weeks.

Construction work at Dungiven roundabout is ongoing, including utilities and drainage works, particularly around Tracy’s way.

Access tracks complete West of Derrychrier (Zone E) and East of Feeny road (Zone F) with access track works ongoing at Munreery, Gortilea (Zone D) and Brackfield (Zone B). Accommodation works are ongoing around Feeny Road (Zone E).

NIW services are working at Baranailt Road (Zone D) Gulf Road, (Zone B) Fawney Road (Zone A) and Ballyhanedin Road (Zone D), along with a variety of utility diversions to facilitate the construction of the new roundabout in Dungiven.

Landscape planting is now complete for the season and grass seeding and maintenance has been ongoing since May 2021.

Structures Update 

Structure 1: Complete

Structure 2: Structure 2 – Placing Beams May 2021

Structure 3: Pouring diaphragms end of May 2021

Structure 4: Preparing to pour North & South restraining slabs

Structure 5A: Complete

Structure 5B: West and East Abutment concrete pour end of May 2021

Structure 7: Beams installed and preparing deck for concrete pour end of May 2021

Structure 8: Pouring concrete base end of May 2021.

Structure 9: Complete

Structure 10: Complete

Structure 11: Preparing for waterproofing and pouring concrete

Structure 12: Pouring restraining slabs

Structure 13: Restraining slabs to be poured Mid May 2021

Structure 14: Complete

Structure 15: Wingwalls to be poured end of May 2021

Structure 16: Complete

Structure 17: Deck Pours complete, Wingwalls to be completed the beginning of June 2021

Structure 18: Complete

Structure 19: Complete

Structure 20: Complete

Structure 21: Preparing beam installation end of May 2021

Structure 22: Complete